Why Choose Us

Purchasing Results was founded in 2015 and together we have the combined experience of over 50 years of expertise. Our previous experience includes procurement consulting for a division of General Electric as well as in-house procurement management positions at ConAgra and Hunt Wesson Foods. Now our focus has shifted to organizations of all sizes because our goal is to help them supplement their in-house procurement capabilities to improve their bottom line.

We have been able to help a variety of businesses save an average of at least 20%! Our team has a long history of transforming procurement processes, implementing and managing change, while providing a competitive cost advantage for businesses across a variety of vertical industries. Does that sound like something your company could benefit from?

our advantages

We Focus on You

We provide procurement consulting services with the main focus on our clients' most critical issues and needs. Utilizing our many years of expertise, the results we provide are both strategic and functional. We work quickly and efficiently to deliver and track sustainable cost savings for your business.

The Competitive Edge

We help our clients to obtain a competitive advantage by helping them control the cost of their goods, services, and raw materials. We accomplish this through strategy, preferred leveraged buying programs, complex analytics, and ongoing cost reduction that are sustainable across all industries. What is even better is you pay NOTHING until we show you what you can save.


We provide a holistic approach that provides value from the initial sourcing stage through implementation and beyond to increase the value year-over-year. We monitor supplier performance, prepare quarterly reports, and track your savings to ensure your results are achieved and sustained.