Purchasing Consulting Increased Productivity 25% and Cost Savings 28%

Purchasing Consulting Increased Productivity 25% and Cost Savings 28%

Is your purchasing team being stretched too thin as a result of employee furloughs, headcount reductions, and or a freeze on new hires? Do you believe this is limiting your ability to provide the cost savings and the level of productivity that is expected of you?

Before my clients work with me, many of them say yes to these questions and they find themselves in this exact situation. 

It does not have to be this way. 

Now for a quick case study: Rick, the COO of a manufacturing company came to me to take some of the workload off his Purchasing department as they recently had a large reduction in staff. We were able to increase productivity by 25% and provide a combined average of a 28% savings for the stretch wrap, waste hauling/disposal, and energy procurement projects we worked on.

Let’s examine in more detail some of the other key benefits we were able to provide to Rick’s organization:

1. Productivity:

  • Purchasing Results managed the entire tender process for multiple sourcing events including creating and sending out all Requests for Information (RFI), Requests for Proposal (RFP), negotiations and all email/verbal correspondence with suppliers participating in the tenders. This freed up considerable time for Rick’s purchasing team which allowed them to become much more productive in other areas of their business.
  • We provided an articulate, detailed summary analysis for each tender. This met the requirements of senior executive management, while dramatically freeing up time for Rick’s purchasing team to work on other projects.

2. No Risk:

  • We provided free benchmarking for the designated spend categories. 
  • Rick’s company only pays a percentage of the savings achieved as the savings are earned.

  3. Effectiveness:

  • We increased the bandwidth of their organization without them having to hire additional employees.
  • Productivity and cost savings are maximized.
  • Budgets are adhered to.

Let me help you!

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Jack Trotsky is known by his clients as “The Purchasing Consulting Master” and “Cost Slasher.” His business owner and senior executive clients say he provides a high level of measurable cost savings, a competitive edge, and lower operating costs and increased profitability year over year. Working with Jack requires no out of pocket costs. Pay only for results – you pay nothing until he shows you what you can save. With a Fortune 500 pedigree at GE, ConAgra, and Hunt-Wesson, he launched his purchasing consulting firm in 2015 and has grown it into what is today PurchasingResults.com. Jack has a long history of transforming procurement processes, implementing and managing change while providing a competitive cost advantage for businesses across a variety of industries. He has spoken all over the US and internationally, at universities, as well as at training & employee development workshops and conferences. Jack’s clients include GE, Gate Gourmet, Retail Companies-various projects including negotiated leased space, Large Food Distributors, National Dry Ice Company, Consumer Packaged Goods Companies, Industrial Manufacturers, Service Companies, and Food Manufacturers. He currently resides in the Denver Metropolitan area.

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